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This is amazing I'm so excited to try it out! Great idea thank you for making it <3

Thanks for the reply. Hope it helps!

You're a lifesaver, this saved me SO much time.  Thank you so much!

Great to hear :)

Oh my GOD these are exactly what I was looking for! I've spent so long trying to find some half-decent dither brushes and they were right here all along. Thank you so much for uploading these, enjoy the donation

Much appreciated! <3

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Thanks for all support and even donations! I really makes my day every time I check. :D

If you have any ideas to improve these brushes let me know as a comment on this post, and I will check out how I can get it to work and make it as a brush in Photoshop!

P.S. I made a short blog post about dithering and how this tool works.

Can you make a version for GIMP?

I haven't used that in years. A quick google told me that it  should work out-of-the-box?

But since I am an open-source developer I would support the idea of getting it to work in GIMP, I might give it a look in the next week, if I can find the time.

Since I use the Texture mode for these Brushes, which is not supported in GIMP. Importing into GIMP nor recreating will work.  Since I packed the used patterns with it you could import and use those with the Clone tool in GIMP with alignment set to Aligned or None, depending on your needs.  (This also works in Photoshop with the Pattern Stamp with aligned turned on/off). Then use (layer) blending (e.g. Darken) and opacity options to change the color. This does not allow pressure sensitivity in the way I have set it up in Photoshop and is far from ideal since you would need to use blend mode to get it right.

This is all I can give you to make your dithering easier in GIMP until Texture is possible on brushes in the same way as it is in Photoshop.

I hope it might help!