A downloadable game for Windows

A game inspired by the patterns on the wall I used as platforms for imaginary video games as a kid.

The game is not quite done yet even with the extra Jam time, as you will notice. However I do think it is still enjoyable as a game experiment.

- WASD + Mouse to walk around
- Click to project the world on your handheld, then unlock spawn blocks and collect all coins to win the game.  
- Right click to leave the handheld and find a new spot to reach more coins and spawns!
- Press Escape for options and quit.

Everything was made by me within 72 hours. With the exception of a font, and some sounds, which I edited.
I used: Unity (No extra assets or codebases), PyxelEdit, Reaper, GarageBand, Visual Studio.


TheImaginaryRoom.zip 20 MB